• We provide you IoT nodes
    With these nodes, you can connect everyday devices to the Internet.

  • We provide you IoT gateways
    With IoT gateways you can transform from one communication network to another easily.

  • We keep your data in our database
    We secure and backup your data so that you can run your business without any interruption.

  • We manage and operate the IoT servers
    Our IoT servers are kept in a private data center. These servers run the server side software which is required to access your data. These servers also host the databases where your data are kept.

  • We provide you business analytics
    You can login to your account using your web browser and can access your device data anytime and anywhere you want. We can generate alarm notifications or statistical reports to make your data more useful for your business.

  • We provide you a smartphone application
    With these android or IOS applications, you can access your data from your smart phone.


  • We provide consultancy
    If you want to benefit from the opportunities of the world of Internet of Things and need some guidance in transforming your business, we can offer a full range of consultancy services.

  • We can design embedded systems to solve your unique problems
    If you have a unique project and you cannot solve it with generic components, we can design specific embedded systems for your needs.